15 Jan 2020

Grandparent’s Day Celebration – 19th December 2019

A maiden event in the International Campus! For the first time, our Grandparents took the front seat. They were actively participating in all the events. They put together a group song in 3 languages and did solo performances as well. “One Child…one le

15 Jan 2020

Founder’s day celebration - 3rd January 2019 - 2020

Our founder St. Chavara was celebrated on the founder’s day with speeches and other programs. A video of the life of St. Chavara was played to the students. There were other activities throughout the day. <

15 Jan 2020

BETHEL FEST (Christmas Celebration) – 19th December 2019

Like every year, this year too, Christmas was celebrated with a lot of galore. It was a mega celebration with all classes gearing up for the class wise competitions in form o

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