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Devamatha CMI International School

Welcome to Devamatha CMI International School,Thangaloor Thrissur where children and their education are at the heart of all we do.

As Devamatha CMI International School takes giant steps towards being an innovative and progressive school in Thrissur and thereby making a mark in South India as a leader in International Schools, we continue to remain a happy, secure, hardworking and sincere school of learning. It is, therefore, imperative for us, that once a child steps into the portals of this hallowed edifice he or she finds it to be a haven where many hours are spent in joyful and uplifting company, making it his/her second home.

All staff at DIS (Devamatha International School) believes that no one is a stranger and we accept all our students with their strengths, talents, and areas for development. We truly believe in the principle of Passion, perseverance, positivity, productivity and prayer.As soon as you walk through the door at DIS, you will experience the family feel culture and ethos which we have developed since opening in 2012. Staff, students and parents know each other; sharing warm greetings and friendly smiles! The school community is recognized as being vibrant, harmonious and caring with several members of the DIS Family having been with the school for many, many years.

Our school is a relatively small English UK Curriculum standalone school situated in the Thagaloor province of Thrissur. Away from the hustle bustle of the town and heavy traffic, Thangaloor is tucked away among the lush greenery and hence a better climate and clean air. We are a truly international school with around 200 Indian national students coming in from backgrounds like Middle East, India, China, Singapore, UK, Canada, Australia, etc.

DIS aims to make learning an enjoyable experience wherein the body, mind, and spirit is nurtured with great care and love. Recognizing every child as a unique individual, the school is committed to delivering education that is truly multi-faceted; with an approach driven by experience, creativity, and a far-reaching global outlook. Children as young as 4 to the mature age of 16 work harmoniously alongside one another, learning from each other and support dreams of us all.

Our vision of developing global competence in all our learners is embedded in all that we do. Our strong and committed team of teachers ensures the delivery of the curriculum with excellence.

Our well- rounded education, however, goes much beyond methodology. We at DIS, are proud to say that we provide a world-class education that shapes the child with a personality that will make him or her step out into the world with confidence. We sincerely believe that this is possible only through a close bond between home and school. We, therefore, seek the enduring and binding support of the parent community in our endeavors to bring out the best in each and every child. I believe that together we can make a difference in developing their inner qualities of innocence, creativity, generosity, confidence, and tolerance so that they become universal and integrated citizens of the world. The Devamatha core values are well-knit into the fabric of school life to give the students a holistic education. Our strong community relationships have enabled us to build partnerships with universities that offer scholarships exclusively for DIS students.

We believe that the happiness, health and safety, and learning of our children are of utmost importance. We are constantly evolving strategies and systems to best serve their needs. In our mission to inspire and encourage our students to be lifelong learners, we guide them to imbibe the precepts of respect, responsibility, persistence, and fairness while being empathetic young individuals with integrity. This rich educational experience will enable them to lead worthy lives of valuable achievements and accomplishments, which will no doubt be the result of living in the outside world, the learning they received at DIS. It is our privilege to be educators and we value that privilege earnestly.

Along with our team, I now look forward to you visiting our school, to meeting you and to sharing with you everything that Devamatha CMI International School has to offer.

With good wishes,
Fr. Shaju Edamana CMI
Devamatha CMI International School

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