Meet Our Team

Devamatha CMI International School experience and expertise in education management ensures that the very best teachers from around the locality with international exposure, with proven track records in their specialist subjects, are recruited to bring the most inspirational learning to our children.

The Education Management Team is passionate about teaching and its enthusiasm and dedication can clearly be seen in our students. They aim to raise childrens academic levels, whilst also emphasizing and focusing on developing the basic human values of trust, correct behavior and tolerance, in order to make them responsible members of a global society.

The principal focus of the Education Management Team is to create policies and operating structures that meet world-class standards. It also coordinates the entire range of school operations to ensure seamless integration of all services and provision.

At Devamatha CMI International School, we pride ourselves on offering a high standard of education, and our team receives ongoing training to continue to meet these evolving standards. The performance of Head Teachers and all staff is subject to regular review and from this, further training needs are identified. This enables our staff to be at the forefront of good practice and also prepares them to progress within the organization.

Want to be part of the DIS family? We have roles for new recruits. Check out the DIS CAREERS link and leave us your resume and CV and we will get back to you.

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